Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are all connected.

We are all connected

Every second in this world,
an unabated precious gift.
Time slips through our hands quick,
remnant memories left to sift.

So many people come and go,
constant transference in our lives.
The contact can be joy,
sometimes it feels like knives.

We are all connected...

It's not in a statue,
that we are even immortalized,
Erosion washes away stone,
private Illusion fortified.

Our legacy is left,
within those who continue on.
Transference continued,
till the very last human breath drawn.

We are all connected.

Words lost as languages change,
not everlasting as we planned.
Eternal refuge here?
Again illusion of the damned.

There is only one way,
we'll truly find our forever;
it is through each other,
and not in foolish Endeavour.

We are all connected.

Be you king or pharaoh,
it's not monuments that bear name;
It is your connection,
that will forever ensure your claim.

Time erases all things,
except those left in each others heart.
How else may I impress,
through each other we leave our part.

We are all connected.

Gabrielle Langmoore ~ February 29, 2012.

Dedicated to Bock aka Becca <3 ... Our true legacy is left in the lives we touch. Sometimes when we are lucky, we get to see the effects of our actions. Most time we are left unaware of our wake. If one understands the chaos theory... One understands our very exsistence changes the world permanently and forever. If that change is positive or negative, depends on us. It depends on how much thought we place in our actions and our intent. Good or bad, we all leave our footprints on each other; those footprints live on until the end of mankind.
© Copyright 2012 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

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