Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I don't know why I bother...

I don't know why I bother...

One day everyone wakes up.
realizing; the things they wanted the most,
were right in front of their face.

somebody will come along.
Someone who is not blind...
who sees, what is right there.
When the ones who were blind,
see us together;
they will be jealous,
it will make them sick.
I will feel sorry for them
and hope for them, the best.
While they find their perfect little sin.
Who is just as arrogant
and superficial as they are;
I will find the most amazing thing,
one human being can ever hope for.

In the land of the blind,
the one eyed girl is queen...
and there is nothing wrong with my vision.
I see right through it all...
So let them scoff at me,
let them think I am a joke...
We shall see who finds real love;
and who finds heartache.
What you put in;
is what you get out.

Funny how life works like that...
In the end they have no one to blame,
but themselves;
but most can't look in the mirror,
and do just that.

Another funny fact;
is when you pay no attention to the external,
you really see people.
While most people walk around thinking,
they are all that because of looks or whatever;
To me most people are ugly,
because I am not blinded by their physical self.
I see what is inside...
And what I see is ugliness,
in its full glory.

Then there are the beautiful ones,
they exist but are outnumbered...
They are what make this place beautiful.
Their radiance is so much stronger,
than the ugliness it overpowers;
even though outnumbered.

For the ugly ones,
I may see them for exactly what they are.
But I will never treat them,
as anything less than beautiful.
I am a better person for it.
I am stronger on my weakest day,
than they will ever be on their best day.

Let them be ugly,
I will shine my light so bright;
their darkness will be driven,
into the tiniest corner.
And when I find another,
we will shine so bright;
that their darkness will rage at us,
out of jealousy and bitterness.
And again I will feel sorry for them,
my heart will bleed for them...

But we all make our own beds.

                                                                                    G.Langmoore March 29,2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 



Depth, right to my soul;
Drowning, in this hole.
Deepening, taking toll;
Devouring, all of me whole.
Devil, on grassy knoll;
Devilishly taking roll.
Desperate for my goal.


Drawing, me like a light;
Deception, it turns to night.
Decidedly, to me is right,
Driven not to lose this fight.
Decadence, in my sight;
Division, ignored by spite;
Domination... like a knight.


Determined to have mine;
Distraught, feeling benign.
Devastation, no confine;
Deliver me, from decline.
Destiny, will soon entwine;
Defeating even the divine.
Desire, capture, enshrine.

G.Langmoore.... March 28, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 



What are you really?
So they say.
Sometimes an ally;
Sometimes the enemy.

You rule my life,
When really you rule nothing.
How can so much hinge?
On what does not exist.
Through temporal planes;
Through each dimension,
You simply shift…
The masks you wear.

Apparent yet abstract,
You tease of tangibility.
Yet only a tease;
Faithful to no one.
Loyal to yourself…
If ever you were a person,
Surely you’d be a sociopath.
I will never understand you.

Sometimes the enemy;
Sometime an ally.
So they say.
What are you really?

© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 



She sits in the heavens,
Looking down but always with us.
It brings her confusion;
Why we’ll bicker, fight and fuss.
Wishes she could fix it,
But leave us to our nature she must.

She will never understand why.
A tear rolls down her cheek, she cries…


An angel in full glory,
More to bear witness to our acts.
She wants to interfere,
Yet knows this is against her pact.
She cannot do a thing,
She is helpless on our behalf.

Watches as another innocent dies,
As her eyes fill yet again, she cries…


She tries to touch our hearts,
To help save us from our own ways.
But we never listen,
We linger in anguish our days.
Content with grief and sorrow,
Completely blinded by our haze.

Inhumanity through her eyes,
Tears falling off her chin, she cries…


Until we change she continually cries,
Can we stop it falling from the skies…


G. Langmoore March 27,2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

Your Gift

Your gift

A smile,
A touch;
To much.

A laugh,
A giggle;
Act little.

A hand,
A heart;
Not apart.

A hope,
A dream;
So seems.

A wink,
A kiss;
Breath less

A glance,
A stare;
On Air.

A word,
A whisper;
Ever crisper.

A promise,
A vow;
Without doubt.

A life
A treasure;
Journey together.

A commitment,
A bond;
Growing fond.

A gift,
A present;
No lament.

G.Langmoore Mar 27 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror
On the wall.
Who is the fairest?
Of them all…

Says the mirror;
Back unto me…

Not the man,
Filled with rage;
Fairness is not his way.

Not the girl,
Caught up in herself;
Causing all the other girls hell.

Not the suit,
Who’s only superficial;
To much to spare a nickel.

Not the guy,
With no compassion;
What a trait to be lacking.

Not the woman,
Who loves to chide;
She gets off seeing them cry.

Not the militarist,
Who only know war;
Violent but what for?

Not the Christian,
Who preaches hate;
What would Jesus say?

Not the Muslim,
Who‘s terror reigns;
Making his brothers seem insane.

Not the sadist,
In pain he rejoices;
Can’t he hear anguish in voices?

Not the haters,
Who project onto others;
Afraid to look inward and discover.

The mirror paused,
Then spoke again…

The fairest among you?
Hmmph what a task.
You all have your demons;
You all finish last.

The fairest among you?
How can I choose?
You all have potential;
Potential not used.

G. Langmoore ... March 27, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

The Flower

The Flower

The Sepals…

Tough growth left you guarded,
Although protected never hardened.
I would never hurt you,
So for their sins hope I’m pardoned.

Your high walls are mighty,
Against them I would never breach.
If you allow me entrance,
With softest embrace I would reach.

The Petals…

Light tracing with my finger,
The gentle curves of your soft skin.
Your lovely body so near,
Your delightful sight draws me in.

Sensual cherry lips,
I melt into you when we kiss,
Your warm body against my own,
Is there a more heavenly bliss?

The Stigma…

Teasing eyes dance like fire,
Burning me down to my very soul.
Dainty touch that completes,
The mere sensation makes me whole.

You are true seduction,
You're gifted to allure and attract.
One look into those eyes,
Knew I’d fallen no turning back.

The Pistil…

Attracted by passion,
Held hostage by your inner self.
Start blending together,
No longer tell you from myself.

Never cease to amaze me,
I want you with me on this path.
I see in you my future,
Oh how I pray for this to last.

The Ovary…
We journeyed together,
Understanding in each others eyes.
For us there’s only truth,
We’ll not subject each other to lies.

It happened with a touch,
With a magic and spark from the start.
I know I’ve found my place,
Here with you embedded in your heart.

G. Langmoore…  March 27, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 



Meadow flowers fresh in the spring.
The taste of a fresh plum.
The gentle flap of butterfly's wings,
Hummingbird's Quiet hum.

Lovers spend their time to smother.
The aroma of perfume.
Delicate touch of a mother,
Scent of a rose in bloom.

Nighttime brings on its purple skies.
A long lost friend is found.
The bright breaking of a sunrise,
A new born baby sounds.

It has many forms beyond our scope,
This precious lovely gift called hope.

Gabrielle Langmoore... Feb 21, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

Be The Change

Be The Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
~Mahatma Gandhi~ (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

Bravery you must seek out,
Enduring on without a doubt.

The one light in the dark,
Holding true like a tree's bark,
Endeavoring to leave your mark.

Change will not happen so fast,
Hold sharp the eventual contrast,
Anticipate the failures of the past.
Never be accepting of a caste,
Gladly answer all questions asked,
Entertain the will to outlast.

You are a source of change,
Out of chaos harmony you'll arrange,
Under status quo you must estrange.

World may try to keep you down,
Answer with a patience that's renown.
Never an easy job with heavy crown,
They only hope they can make you frown.

Take heart and seek what's right,
On wings of righteous win the fight.

Slay injustice with truth's sword,
Every battle leads to humanity's reward,
Eventually in time you'll gain accord.

If ever you begin to lose sight,
Never forget your inner light.

There will surely be resistance,
Harbor in yourself strong persistence,
Ever remember the goal of co-existence.

Worldly matters matter no more,
Off you go upon selfless chore.
Remember the oppressed you fight for,
Lessening the worlds taste to abhor.
Driven to change humanity's decor.

Gabrielle Langmoore Feb 21, 2011

© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

The Ugly Girl

The Ugly Girl

In her eyes innocence,
but the color they do not like.
Her soul is beautiful,
yet against it they strike.

Her body no defects,
but still it begets their scorn.
A beautiful creature,
yet they leave her feeling torn.

Her mind is quite graceful,
but they love to break her down.
She always tries to smile,
yet they seek to make her frown.

Her inside is perfect,
but they judge on the outside.
She tries hard to be strong,
yet they have at her till she's cried.

It's every womans nightmare,
but they have very little remorse,
So she tries to defend,
yet they are vultures on a corpse.

She knows there's beauty here,
but they make her wish she'd died.
So hard she tries to cling,
yet they push her to suicide.

They have finally done it,
but they don't care she's left this world.
They free themselves of guilt,
yet they had killed the ugly girl.

Gabrielle Langmoore.. Feb 20, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

The Wild Rose

The Wild Rose

A solitary wild rose,
Just growing where it ought not.
Ragged and unmanaged;
Not quite meant for a rose plot.
So here it calls it’s home,
This lonely and unfitting spot.

A loving gardener,
With a touch and eyes so rare.
Stumbles upon the wild rose;
Finding it worse for the wear.
Seeing it in it’s plight,
Touched with a need for care.

A solitary wild rose,
Shaped by perseverance.
Never meant to survive,
Does by spite of appearance.
No one would miss the rose,
Upon it’s Disappearance.

A loving gardener,
Who sees beauty through pain,
Gives the wild rose attention,
More gratifying than rain.
For the rose will protect,
Keep the rose from being slain.

A solitary wild rose,
Becomes beautiful in bloom.
Embraced by the love;
The gardeners care its womb.
The rose offers back its gift,
Filling the air with perfume.

A loving gardener,
Lots of roses they have known.
But not one like this rose,
With adversity it’s grown.
With disadvantages,
Still to the world beauty shown.

A solitary wild rose,
Finding care so long sought.

A loving gardener,
Finding beauty raw not wrought.

Harmonious balance;
Together with out distraught.

G.Langmoore, November 27, 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

A Letter To The Lion

A Letter To The Lion.

Dearest Lion,

    I had to write you this,
Simply just had to show,
Although you gave me hurt,
Bravery I now Know.
Encounters we have had,
Scars left with every blow,
I tried to escape you,
But as always too slow,

To you Lion,

I owe all that I am,
Not that credit is due,
Your intent my demise,
Not to build but subdue,
Through relentless stalking,
My courage only grew,
In face to face battles,
My strengths became true,

In you Lion,

I faced all of my fears,
Learned to cast away doubt,
Learned to heal my wounds,
Learned to go without,
Learned to hold my head,
Minus mighty kings clout,
Learned how to survive,
Just what life was about,

From you Lion,

I have got many a gift,
By acts not from your heart,
With pain and suffering,
Those gifts you did impart,
Teaching me oh so well,
From now back to the start,
Some people truly say,
Your greatest work of art,

To you Lion,

I now must say goodbye,
Bury you in sands of past,
I have learned to distance,
Learned to move so fast,
Once I was so afraid,
Now I know I will outlast,
Between then and future,
There is a new contrast,

Thank you Lion,

Though you have wounded me,
Those wounds in time will heal,
Though you had weakened me,
A greater strength I  feel,
You tried hard to kill me,
But myself was revealed,
All you truly accomplished,
Was build me by ordeal,

With love despite your way,
Your always elusive prey

                                                              Written by G.Langmoore Nov 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

The Last Light

The Last Light

When I came into this place,
Light was my welcome,
My mentor of no face,
Darkness wants me to succumb,
Of that I wished no taste,
So I simply began to run.

I left the place of my beginning,
Immediately set upon by storm,
A battle raged with no winning,
Light  kept me safe and warm,
Darkness kept the plots spinning,
Yet light would not let it swarm.

O’er treacherous cliff and crag,
I followed light... full of hope,
Darkness followed in drag,
Light had taught me to cope,
Yet darkness came quick as a stag,
keeping my Aura in the scope.

Light brought me through a river,
By which darkness lost our track,
Seeking refuge a sanctuary giver,
Stumbled upon a meadow through a crack,
From darkness a temporary deliver,
Only time before darkness doubled back.

Then one day a horrid sound,
Light held in place urging me to flee,
This sanctuary darkness had found,
I ran... the battle I did not see,
I kept going not knowing where bound,
Wandering till light caught up with me,

Again to broken country we came,
Light negotiating a path through,
Managing some how to keep me sane,
This only made darkness’s anger brew,
While light remained calm with refrain,
A student of lights’ wisdom I grew.

I aged gracefully with light looking on,
Always moving with darkness in tail,
Fearing someday light would be gone,
That I would be left... only to fail,
That darkness would capture dawn,
Leaving no one behind to tell a tale.

Many moons had long since passed,
While I developed lights’ strength,
There were skirmishes in the past,
With darkness going to any length,
All did not matter the die was cast,
At the future I was filled with angst,

Around myself grew grey and cold,
Light slowly losing it’s ground,
To darkness’s power many fold,
While light became less found,
Till the darkness grew bold,
Light cornered... darkness abound,
Of this day light had told.

With light weak came the attack,
Darkness was here its finally come,
Light was valiant trying to fight back,
Louder the sound of darkness’s drum,
An army of size lights' only lack,
The war was over darkness had won.

I cried while Light died in my arms,
Then I cried alone in the black space,
Light was loving... never did no harm,
Yet everyone let light leave this place,
Darkness now the worlds only charm,
A cry to heaven as I kiss light’s face.

This war has been completely lost,
I alone against the darkness it seems,
I am to small to endure the cost,
To small to bid farewell to a dream,
I am worn, beaten and full of exhaust,
From my eye has been taken the gleam,

Unable to bear this lonely fate,
I take a sword an fall on the blade,
The last light leaves on this date,
All hope for this place fully slayed,
It fell to darkness at a quick rate,
If only for light I would have stayed.

When I arrived there at first,
My only welcome was light,
We left the place it was cursed,
Forever in darkness and night,
Gone was my taste and thirst,
To leave there was only right.

As I walk among what I knew,
I see light at the end of a corridor,
With me towards it walk a few,
Those of us who light was for,
Those of us to light are true,
We who found light once more.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore Oct. 10, 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.