Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Confusion (A poem by Gabrielle Langmoore)


Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Not knowing where to turn or what to say.
I’ve searched my soul deeply,
Only to be handed confusion completely.
Accepted truly and fully by no one,
Wonder why I always feel I want to run.
What am I… well hard to say,
Depends who you ask and what day,
I feel hated ,scared , tired and alone,
Dreaming of someday finding home.

Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Not knowing when to look and how much to pay.
I’ve searched the depth’s of my mind,
To wake up and find I’ve been left behind.
No one can love what I’ll always be,
A hollowness dwells inside of me.
What I am… well hard to say,
Know its been hard along the way.
I feel attacked, abandoned and abused,
Wondering from this life can I be excused.

Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Staring into the brightness of another day.
I’ve searched the bottom of my heart,
To try and figure out my part.
I’m sure no one can ever save,
This wretch from the bed I made.
What I am well hard to say,
Be gone tomorrow if I had my way.
I feel misunderstood and misinformed,
Not ready for the life,
To which I was born.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore.
 February 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

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