Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Love Myself

To Love Myself

To love myself,
Easier said than done.
Yet even without understanding,
The earth continues round the sun.

To love myself,
Should just be natural.
Yet the influences around me,
Can make it such a hassle.

To love myself,
Is the only way of true love.
Yet with this higher awareness,
I still struggle to rise above.

To love myself,
Is surely to love others.
Yet in this place and time,
I feel abandoned without cover.

To love myself,
Takes great courage and strength.
Yet others will shun my love,
Mindless the distance I go or the length.

To love myself,
Is the same to me as loving you.
Yet this is not something you allow,
So it will always escape me too.

To love myself,
Makes me complete.
Yet when denied this chance,
My heart and soul can only weep.

To love myself,
Is such a lonely existence.
Yet no matter how hard I try,
The populace meets me with resistance.

To love myself,
It is my gift to share.
Yet it’s left in a unopened box,
I don’t understand how this can be fair.

To love myself,
Is the path to loving all.
Yet without true acceptance,
This lonely loving self will surely fall.

By Gabrielle Langmoore Sep. 16 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

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