Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Could Have been...

(In loving memory of all those who have taken their life or had their life 
taken, because of hate, ignorance and bigotry… You are gone but you will
 live forever  in our hearts. We will not forget you and we will always
Fight against the evil’s and injustices that took you from us.)

I Could Have Been…

I could have been a poet,
Let my words express emotion,
The written word my gift,
I would have shown it devotion.

I could have been a soldier,
A protector of rights,
You didn’t afford them to me,
Yet I would still stand and fight.

I could have been a counselor,
Helped one person at a time,
Getting them through darkness,
To a sound and safe mind,

I could have been a professor,
An educator to the world,
Spend years taking in wisdom,
Just to share all my pearls.

I could have been an actor,
Up on that silver screen,
Making you laugh and cry,
Portraying all your dreams.

I could have been an scientist,
Done some good for this place,
Maybe found a cure for cancer,
Watch it disappear without a trace.

I could have been a President,
Ushering in a brand new era,
One of equality and justice,
Disposing of bigotries terror.

I could have been a police officer,
Impartial without my own agenda,
A protector of the weak,
Their salvation and defender.

I could have been a firefighter,
A hero of selfless acts,
I’d have given my life for you,
Quite simply a matter of  fact.

I could have been a spiritualist,
Helping the lost find their way,
Teaching love and life,
How to appreciate everyday.

I could have been anything,
But now we’ll never know,
All my uniqueness and potential,
I shall never get to show.

I could have been amazing,
But now my light is snuffed,
Taken from this earth,
To the heaven’s up above.

I could have been an angel,
Walking on this earth,
Instead you gave me pain and anguish,
Now I am an angel in rebirth.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore - Oct 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.



Bold, beautiful and ambitious,
Utterly delightful and delicious.
True to herself and her heart,
True at the end as well as the start.
Everyday she’ll spread smiles,
Reflecting on every positive for awhile.
Fortunate to truly be free.
Loving life for all to see,
Yearning simply just to be.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore Oct 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

Hope, Faith and Love

Hope, Faith and Love

Hold on to tomorrow,
Only if to help get through today,
Perceiving the positive in each moment,
Eases your burden beautifully each day.

Find it within yourself,
And never let it grow dark,
Interpret with your mind,
Then listen to your heart,
Heed yourself  and you’ll find your part.

As bad as it gets,
No matter what you do,
Don’t ever forget,

Love in all that you do,
Overstated yet underestimated,
Venture to learn love truly is,
Eternally uncomplicated.

By Gabrielle Langmoore Sep. 16 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

To Love Myself

To Love Myself

To love myself,
Easier said than done.
Yet even without understanding,
The earth continues round the sun.

To love myself,
Should just be natural.
Yet the influences around me,
Can make it such a hassle.

To love myself,
Is the only way of true love.
Yet with this higher awareness,
I still struggle to rise above.

To love myself,
Is surely to love others.
Yet in this place and time,
I feel abandoned without cover.

To love myself,
Takes great courage and strength.
Yet others will shun my love,
Mindless the distance I go or the length.

To love myself,
Is the same to me as loving you.
Yet this is not something you allow,
So it will always escape me too.

To love myself,
Makes me complete.
Yet when denied this chance,
My heart and soul can only weep.

To love myself,
Is such a lonely existence.
Yet no matter how hard I try,
The populace meets me with resistance.

To love myself,
It is my gift to share.
Yet it’s left in a unopened box,
I don’t understand how this can be fair.

To love myself,
Is the path to loving all.
Yet without true acceptance,
This lonely loving self will surely fall.

By Gabrielle Langmoore Sep. 16 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

Released from Oppression

Released from Oppression

You can break my body,
but never my heart, soul or mind.
You can take and steal,
everything or anything that is mine,

You can leave me ragged and tired,
you can ignore the pain in my cries.
You can beat and murder me,
with little public outcry.

In your mind you dehumanize me,
to relieve your burden of guilt.
But when the time comes,
it will all show like stains on a quilt.

My only crime was being me,
persecution worthy in your eye it seems.
Filled with hate as your only conviction,
you believe you have the power to deem.

As I slip from conscious,
knowing I’m breathing my final breathes.
I look at you and smile,
loving you from my heart’s greatest depth.

I see the confusion,
as it spreads across your face.
I wouldn’t expect you to understand,
you were born for this place.

In my final act of love,
I see your anger rise.
You feel I have mocked you,
from the forgiveness in my eyes.

As you finish what you’ve started,
I feel the pain no more.
I’ve begun to leave this world,
for the place I was made for.

I rise above my body,
with no pity for my shell.
I’ve been released of your bonds,
I’ve been released from your hell.

As I ascend one big ball of light,
I leave your world behind.
A final gift as I touch your heart,
I hope peace and love you will find.

By Gabrielle Langmoore Sep. 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

Confusion (A poem by Gabrielle Langmoore)


Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Not knowing where to turn or what to say.
I’ve searched my soul deeply,
Only to be handed confusion completely.
Accepted truly and fully by no one,
Wonder why I always feel I want to run.
What am I… well hard to say,
Depends who you ask and what day,
I feel hated ,scared , tired and alone,
Dreaming of someday finding home.

Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Not knowing when to look and how much to pay.
I’ve searched the depth’s of my mind,
To wake up and find I’ve been left behind.
No one can love what I’ll always be,
A hollowness dwells inside of me.
What I am… well hard to say,
Know its been hard along the way.
I feel attacked, abandoned and abused,
Wondering from this life can I be excused.

Confused and lost I wander on my way,
Staring into the brightness of another day.
I’ve searched the bottom of my heart,
To try and figure out my part.
I’m sure no one can ever save,
This wretch from the bed I made.
What I am well hard to say,
Be gone tomorrow if I had my way.
I feel misunderstood and misinformed,
Not ready for the life,
To which I was born.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore.
 February 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.