Poem Index (alphabetical)

A Letter To The Lion
Form: Ballad Variation as a letter
Genres: Emotional :: Psychology :: Experience
A letter to a figure of my past, in the form of a poem.

Be The Change
Form:  Acrostic
Genres: Inspirational :: Tribute :: Philosophy
A poem inspired by the word's of Mahatma Gandhi.

Form: Acrostic
Genres: Nature :: Inspirational :: Animal
Inspired by... Butterflies... of all kinds ;) <333 

Form: Ode
Genres: Emotional :: Experience :: Personal
Written when I was in a dark place personally

Form: Variation of Pleiades
Genres: Contest Entry :: Writing :: Emotional
Strictly written for contest. Prompt word: desire.

Form: Multiple Form Variation (a7,b6,a7,b6- c7,d6,c7,d6- e7,f6,e7,f6-g8,g8)
Genres: Inspirational :: Nature :: Personal
A simple poem of hope.

Hope, Faith and Love
Form:  Acrostic
Genres: Spiritual :: Emotional :: Inspirational
Simply Inspired by the three title words <3

I Could Have Been
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Tribute :: Emotional :: Gay/Lesbian
Dedicated to those who have left us due to Bigotry, Hate and Violence

I Don't Know Why I Bother...
Form: Free Verse
Genres: Romance/Love :: Philosophy :: Psychology
Completely random free verse on life,love,beauty and ugliness.

Mirror, Mirror
Form: Multi-Form Variation
Genres: Psychology :: Philosophy :: Cultural
Just a random poem... I was trying for a freestyle but it took a life of it's own. Random

Form: Ballad Variation with repetition
Genres: Emotional :: Philosophy :: Spiritual
Poetry piece about the possible origins of rain...

Released From Oppression
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Dark :: Death :: Emotional
This is based off something I dealt with... It was a difficult place to go emotionally

The Flower
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Romance/Love :: Women's :: Emotional
A simplistic yet complex poem.

The Last Light
Form: Ode Variation
Genres: Spiritual :: Dark :: Emotional
An interesting poem about dark and light.

The Ugly Girl
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Death :: Dark :: Tragedy
A poem about people being negative and its effects.

The Wild Rose
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Inspirational :: Romance/Love :: Nature
Sometimes the things that cause us to struggle... Only cause us to Bloom more beautifully.

Form: Free Verse
Genres: Scientific :: Philosophy
My first ever free style poem

To Love Myself
Form: Ballad Variation with Repetition
Genres: Romance/Love :: Spiritual :: Emotional
This was inspired by the premise "That to love others, we must first love ourselves.".

We are all connected
Form: Ballad Variation
Genres: Emotional :: Philosophy :: Inspirational
This poem was written with Bock in mind and is dedicated to her.

Your Gift
Form: (a,a,x,a)
Genres: Romance/Love :: Emotional :: Women's
A poem... simple, elegant and romantic