Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Letter To The Lion

A Letter To The Lion.

Dearest Lion,

    I had to write you this,
Simply just had to show,
Although you gave me hurt,
Bravery I now Know.
Encounters we have had,
Scars left with every blow,
I tried to escape you,
But as always too slow,

To you Lion,

I owe all that I am,
Not that credit is due,
Your intent my demise,
Not to build but subdue,
Through relentless stalking,
My courage only grew,
In face to face battles,
My strengths became true,

In you Lion,

I faced all of my fears,
Learned to cast away doubt,
Learned to heal my wounds,
Learned to go without,
Learned to hold my head,
Minus mighty kings clout,
Learned how to survive,
Just what life was about,

From you Lion,

I have got many a gift,
By acts not from your heart,
With pain and suffering,
Those gifts you did impart,
Teaching me oh so well,
From now back to the start,
Some people truly say,
Your greatest work of art,

To you Lion,

I now must say goodbye,
Bury you in sands of past,
I have learned to distance,
Learned to move so fast,
Once I was so afraid,
Now I know I will outlast,
Between then and future,
There is a new contrast,

Thank you Lion,

Though you have wounded me,
Those wounds in time will heal,
Though you had weakened me,
A greater strength I  feel,
You tried hard to kill me,
But myself was revealed,
All you truly accomplished,
Was build me by ordeal,

With love despite your way,
Your always elusive prey

                                                              Written by G.Langmoore Nov 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

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  1. The last line left a chill down my spine. This is superb Gabrielle, thank you for sharing


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