Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Released from Oppression

Released from Oppression

You can break my body,
but never my heart, soul or mind.
You can take and steal,
everything or anything that is mine,

You can leave me ragged and tired,
you can ignore the pain in my cries.
You can beat and murder me,
with little public outcry.

In your mind you dehumanize me,
to relieve your burden of guilt.
But when the time comes,
it will all show like stains on a quilt.

My only crime was being me,
persecution worthy in your eye it seems.
Filled with hate as your only conviction,
you believe you have the power to deem.

As I slip from conscious,
knowing I’m breathing my final breathes.
I look at you and smile,
loving you from my heart’s greatest depth.

I see the confusion,
as it spreads across your face.
I wouldn’t expect you to understand,
you were born for this place.

In my final act of love,
I see your anger rise.
You feel I have mocked you,
from the forgiveness in my eyes.

As you finish what you’ve started,
I feel the pain no more.
I’ve begun to leave this world,
for the place I was made for.

I rise above my body,
with no pity for my shell.
I’ve been released of your bonds,
I’ve been released from your hell.

As I ascend one big ball of light,
I leave your world behind.
A final gift as I touch your heart,
I hope peace and love you will find.

By Gabrielle Langmoore Sep. 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved.

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