Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Meadow flowers fresh in the spring.
The taste of a fresh plum.
The gentle flap of butterfly's wings,
Hummingbird's Quiet hum.

Lovers spend their time to smother.
The aroma of perfume.
Delicate touch of a mother,
Scent of a rose in bloom.

Nighttime brings on its purple skies.
A long lost friend is found.
The bright breaking of a sunrise,
A new born baby sounds.

It has many forms beyond our scope,
This precious lovely gift called hope.

Gabrielle Langmoore... Feb 21, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 


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  2. Very beautiful, peaceful.... its reallygreat.

    I couldnt find the "message" button, but I grew up in syracuse!!!!!!


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