Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Flower

The Flower

The Sepals…

Tough growth left you guarded,
Although protected never hardened.
I would never hurt you,
So for their sins hope I’m pardoned.

Your high walls are mighty,
Against them I would never breach.
If you allow me entrance,
With softest embrace I would reach.

The Petals…

Light tracing with my finger,
The gentle curves of your soft skin.
Your lovely body so near,
Your delightful sight draws me in.

Sensual cherry lips,
I melt into you when we kiss,
Your warm body against my own,
Is there a more heavenly bliss?

The Stigma…

Teasing eyes dance like fire,
Burning me down to my very soul.
Dainty touch that completes,
The mere sensation makes me whole.

You are true seduction,
You're gifted to allure and attract.
One look into those eyes,
Knew I’d fallen no turning back.

The Pistil…

Attracted by passion,
Held hostage by your inner self.
Start blending together,
No longer tell you from myself.

Never cease to amaze me,
I want you with me on this path.
I see in you my future,
Oh how I pray for this to last.

The Ovary…
We journeyed together,
Understanding in each others eyes.
For us there’s only truth,
We’ll not subject each other to lies.

It happened with a touch,
With a magic and spark from the start.
I know I’ve found my place,
Here with you embedded in your heart.

G. Langmoore…  March 27, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

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