Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror
On the wall.
Who is the fairest?
Of them all…

Says the mirror;
Back unto me…

Not the man,
Filled with rage;
Fairness is not his way.

Not the girl,
Caught up in herself;
Causing all the other girls hell.

Not the suit,
Who’s only superficial;
To much to spare a nickel.

Not the guy,
With no compassion;
What a trait to be lacking.

Not the woman,
Who loves to chide;
She gets off seeing them cry.

Not the militarist,
Who only know war;
Violent but what for?

Not the Christian,
Who preaches hate;
What would Jesus say?

Not the Muslim,
Who‘s terror reigns;
Making his brothers seem insane.

Not the sadist,
In pain he rejoices;
Can’t he hear anguish in voices?

Not the haters,
Who project onto others;
Afraid to look inward and discover.

The mirror paused,
Then spoke again…

The fairest among you?
Hmmph what a task.
You all have your demons;
You all finish last.

The fairest among you?
How can I choose?
You all have potential;
Potential not used.

G. Langmoore ... March 27, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

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