Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Light

The Last Light

When I came into this place,
Light was my welcome,
My mentor of no face,
Darkness wants me to succumb,
Of that I wished no taste,
So I simply began to run.

I left the place of my beginning,
Immediately set upon by storm,
A battle raged with no winning,
Light  kept me safe and warm,
Darkness kept the plots spinning,
Yet light would not let it swarm.

O’er treacherous cliff and crag,
I followed light... full of hope,
Darkness followed in drag,
Light had taught me to cope,
Yet darkness came quick as a stag,
keeping my Aura in the scope.

Light brought me through a river,
By which darkness lost our track,
Seeking refuge a sanctuary giver,
Stumbled upon a meadow through a crack,
From darkness a temporary deliver,
Only time before darkness doubled back.

Then one day a horrid sound,
Light held in place urging me to flee,
This sanctuary darkness had found,
I ran... the battle I did not see,
I kept going not knowing where bound,
Wandering till light caught up with me,

Again to broken country we came,
Light negotiating a path through,
Managing some how to keep me sane,
This only made darkness’s anger brew,
While light remained calm with refrain,
A student of lights’ wisdom I grew.

I aged gracefully with light looking on,
Always moving with darkness in tail,
Fearing someday light would be gone,
That I would be left... only to fail,
That darkness would capture dawn,
Leaving no one behind to tell a tale.

Many moons had long since passed,
While I developed lights’ strength,
There were skirmishes in the past,
With darkness going to any length,
All did not matter the die was cast,
At the future I was filled with angst,

Around myself grew grey and cold,
Light slowly losing it’s ground,
To darkness’s power many fold,
While light became less found,
Till the darkness grew bold,
Light cornered... darkness abound,
Of this day light had told.

With light weak came the attack,
Darkness was here its finally come,
Light was valiant trying to fight back,
Louder the sound of darkness’s drum,
An army of size lights' only lack,
The war was over darkness had won.

I cried while Light died in my arms,
Then I cried alone in the black space,
Light was loving... never did no harm,
Yet everyone let light leave this place,
Darkness now the worlds only charm,
A cry to heaven as I kiss light’s face.

This war has been completely lost,
I alone against the darkness it seems,
I am to small to endure the cost,
To small to bid farewell to a dream,
I am worn, beaten and full of exhaust,
From my eye has been taken the gleam,

Unable to bear this lonely fate,
I take a sword an fall on the blade,
The last light leaves on this date,
All hope for this place fully slayed,
It fell to darkness at a quick rate,
If only for light I would have stayed.

When I arrived there at first,
My only welcome was light,
We left the place it was cursed,
Forever in darkness and night,
Gone was my taste and thirst,
To leave there was only right.

As I walk among what I knew,
I see light at the end of a corridor,
With me towards it walk a few,
Those of us who light was for,
Those of us to light are true,
We who found light once more.

Written by Gabrielle Langmoore Oct. 10, 2010
© Copyright 2010 Gabrielle Langmoore. All rights reserved. 

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